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Jun 16

Gold Dragon Wrestling

The Heritage Inn Hotel & Convention Centre in Moose Jaw, SK is excited to be a sponsor of Gold Dragon Wrestling this year.  This is something new for us but after attending a few events, the Heritage Inn girls are now the first ones rooting for our favorite wrestlers. In my case…..Ace Riviera, current GDW champion, creator of the “Ace in Your Face” running kick.  If you haven’t been, you need to go.  You’ll find action, drama and spandex all in one place.   The commitment of each of the wrestlers is indescribable. 

Gold Dragon Wrestling is a Moose Jaw, SK based, family friendly, professional wrestling company.  Matches are held at the Timothy Eaton Gardens in Moose Jaw, SK.  As well, they will be holding Exhibition matches at both the Moose Jaw Sidewalk Days June 18th and the Moose Jaw Hometown Fair June 24-26.  Superstars of GDW include: Ace Riviera, Vance Nevada, The Arabian Executioner, Dusty Lambourghini, Agent Red, JS McStrongArm, Viago, Trouser Snake, Teddy Valiant & many more.  Along with their monthly events, they also offer training for all those aspiring wrestlers (spandex not included).  Female or male, experienced or rookies, GDW will work with anyone dedicated to the sport of Professional Wrestling.  I spoke with Jan Armstrong, owner and promoter of Gold Dragon Wrestling, to answer a few questions for us.     

1. When was GDW founded?  Who started it up?

GDW was started by myself and is currently run by myself and my wife, Michelle

2.One of GDW’s goals is to be the best independent wrestling company in Central   Canada.  How will this be accomplished?

All of Gold Dragon Wrestling’s goals will be accomplished through the hard work of our team and our desire to run the highest quality show we can. 

3. Who is your favorite wrestler of all time and why?

For me, choosing one wrestler is impossible.  As I have grown up my “choices” have changed with my taste.  I look at it more as what wrestlers have most influenced me.  If I were to do a top 5 list it might look like this (in no specific order):  

    Jushin Thunder Liger – one of the greatest high flyers ever

   “The man of 1000 holds” Johnny Saint – one of the greatest pure wrestlers ever

   Jake “the Snake” – one of the greatest talkers ever

   Chris Jericho – one of the most charismatic wrestlers of all time

   Bret Hart – one of the excellent of execution….need I say more?

4. Where does JS McStrongArm (aka Creepy Mustache) get his fancy jackets from?

All of JS McStrongArm’s jackets are custom made for him.  In some cases, the material is from other parts of the world, such as New York. 

For more information on Gold Dragon Wrestling, find them on Facebook or on their website at golddragonwrestling.com

Comment on our Heritage Inn Hotels Page on Facebook with what your wrestler name would be…..and don’t forget to email contests@heritageinn.net to enter your name for 2 tickets to watch a GDW match this summer!!

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