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Jul 21

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

The Heritage Inn Hotel & Convention Centre is proud to be the Official Hotel of the 8th Annual Brooks Medieval Faire.  The Faire is running August 6-7, 2011 and features many exciting activities for the entire family, including jousting, live medieval combat, dance performances, stock dog herding, an art show and the infamous costume contest. Let me tell you...after seeing the photos event coordinator, Kathy Ramer, sent me, I have an itch to go out and get a great medieval costume myself for this event!  Kathy tells us more with some answers about the history, events and, of course, the costumes of the Medieval Faire:

How long has the Medieval Faire been going on? 

This is the 8th Annual Faire.  The first 5 years the Public Library hosted the faire as a local community event. In the last 3 years, a new society has been formed to move the event to a regional festival for Western Canada. Our goals are for steady growth to learn to accommodate the crowds in ways that represent the community-friendly & authentic; at the same time we want to showcase the community and its natural attractions and outstanding theatre and culture and arts- with a medieval theme. 

How did the idea for the Faire come about?

Ronnie Adams of the Brooks Public Library was the first dreamer ;)

What are some of the most popular events during the Faire?

Knights in armour on horseback jousting has to be one of the electrifying events. Live Combat is amazing and this year we host 3 groups: the  Medicine Hat Medieval Society, Living Backwards from Edmonton and Dragon's Own from Calgary.  However, for many the vendors, demonstrations of the forge and pottery, highland dancing and sheep dog trials and the many children's events can't be missed. 

What is your favourite part of Medieval Faire?

I love the whimsical and imaginative opportunities that it brings to adults and kids alike. Its roots in history make the Faire one of the most fun ways to learn. 

What is the best costume you have seen?

There have been so many great ones. See the above photos of the diversity. It has made me realize how much the current designs aren’t new but borrowed from the past. Celtic, the regal gowns, pirate images like the famous Pirates of the Caribbean, the Harry Potter mystic are very current and catch the interest of all age groups.

What is on the menu during the Medieval Faire Feast? 

An authentic meal with 6 reserves (courses): Specialty breads,  herb and honey butterscheese and mushroom pastries, pickled beets, chicken legs, roast beef, BBQ'd roast root vegetables, noodles and cheese, fruit platters and fruit tartlets

Brooks Medieval Faire is something you CAN’T miss this year!!  The menu for the Feast alone makes me want to go!  Not to mention, the great events and people involved.  The growth of this event over the years is fantastic.  What a great way to have some fun in the community!  

For more information on the Medieval Faire Itinerary and events, check out their website at www.brooksfaire.com.  


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