Every spring in Waterton Lakes National Park, a photographer's dream burgeons from the ground. A walk through the Park's pristine alpine meadow reveals a spectacular array of lupines, glacier lilies, orchids and beargrass blossoms. Home to over 1000 plant species including some of Canada's rarest wildflowers, Waterton Lakes National Park pays tribute to this majestic natural garden at its annual Wildflower Festival.

The Wildflower Festival offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to have an afternoon tea with local experts, find out how to identify the park's unique plant species, learn about wildlife painting and photography, and hike, canoe, cruise or take a horseback ride through the Park. With a variety of workshops, presentations, guided walks and other great activities, the Festival promises to be a memorable experience.

This year's Wildflower Festival runs from June 15-20, 2017. You can reserve walks, hikes, workshops, horseback rides and other activities online on the Park's website.

For more information about the festival, click HERE.