Bird watching has become a very popular pass time and attraction in High River. There are two major bird watching spots that have gained popularity, Emerson Lake and Frank Lake Conservation Area.

Frank Lake is a very large area, spanning over 4000 acres. The lake and surrounding area are habitats for hundreds of species of birds. Likely adding to the fanfare surrounding the spot, Frank Lake was listed as an important bird area in Canada by Ducks Unlimited. Frank Lake has become a very popular place for bird photographers to visit and capture some common, and some not so common birds.

Emerson Lake, more submerged in the Town of High River than Frank Lake, is a popular fishing spot, but also is a great spot for bird watching. Emerson Lake has a birdwatching platform to get a better vantage point of the waterfowl. Other birds can be found in the trees that are near the lake.

If travellers have any interest in bird watching, High River is a crucial stop.

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