Lose yourself in stunning scenery when you come to Waterton Lakes National Park, located approximately 30 minutes outside the Town of Pincher Creek.  The park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with a wide variety of hiking trails to choose from, water sports, flora and fauna, this park is truly stunning! The town of Waterton features unique local shops and restaurants, our favourite is Big Scoop Ice Cream.  Grab a scoop of cold creamy ice cream in a waffle cone, walk across the street and enjoy it while sitting on the shoreline of Upper Waterton Lake. 

Take a cruise across Upper Waterton Lake, the deepest lake in the Canadian Rockies.  With the Waterton Shoreline Cruise Co., you can head to the famous Crypt Lake hike trailhead, or cross the US/Canada border into Glacier National Park - don't forget to bring your passport!  Are you on Instagram?  Follow Alberta Instahikes (@instahikes), this account features first-person photos and links to popular Waterton hikes.

The park hosts several festivals/events including the Waterton Wildflower Festival, Waterton Wheels Show and Shine and the Waterton Wildlife Weekend. Visit Parks Canada or Town of Waterton's websites for more information about the park.  View our photo gallery below for more photos taken in Waterton Lakes National Park.  


Photo from Waterton Lakes National Park shared by Travel Alberta/Sabrina Hill.